Ozark River Manufacturing Co.

“Listen and observe
what others say
to discover areas
to improve.”

Ozark River CEO, Founder
Martin Watts

Kids whispering with quote from Martin Watts, CEO, overlayed on picture saying "There is a big difference between active listening and just hearing"

Kind Words From Our Customers

Our customers are our priority and we love to hear how we’ve helped.


I wanted to reach out to you and say that I was so impressed, but not surprised that your portable sink won the Judge’s Selection Award at the NAEYC Conference in Dallas, Texas. I was in the audience when you told everyone the reason you were happy about winning the award was that the award had given your product the credibility it needed to be a viable solution in the education market.

As I explained to you, our school had been shut down due to a mold issue, as we have a very old building. We did not know what to do, the kids had no place to go, and we were close to losing our school without the doors being open.

I am not sure who I spoke with or who we purchased the sinks from, but we purchased five of your Lil’ Premiers and the Health Department approved of this plan and allowed us to keep open a portion of the school that was free from the mold. It saved our school from being closed and they continued to clean the rest of the school over the next few months. We are now open for the kids again.

As I told you at the show, thank you from the bottom of my heart and the kids’ hearts for making such a useful product. It saved our school and the sinks worked perfectly as advertised. Again, thank you for being there when we needed you.

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I just want you to know about my Princess...
I am not sure if you remember me or not, but approximately 1 year ago, I contacted you about a sink for my house for my little 5-year-old girl, Anna, who had just had a bone marrow transplant in an effort to cure her leukemia. You were so pleasant and compassionate in dealing with our situation.

Anna relapsed in October and lost her 16-month fight against cancer on Jan 2, 2010. My wife and I are devastated and struggle every day with how to go on. Anna was the sweetest, most caring child I have ever met (I'm a teacher and have met many).

I am sure that your jobs are similar to mine in that you mostly hear from people that are unhappy or have to deal with problems that arise.I want to make sure you know how much your kindness was appreciated.

Due largely to your caring and the fact that we had a sink in our Sun Room, Anna was able to receive physical and occupational therapy every day and remain disease-free, even though she had NO immune system. Handwashing is the single biggest factor in people getting sick and this was eliminated by you and your company.

Anna completely overcame her neurotoxicity to the chemo she received which made her unable to walk, talk, or even drink liquids because her brain was so damaged. By the time she relapsed in October, Anna had completely recovered, could speak fluently, was walking on her own, and tested at a 130 IQ for her pre-kindergarten screening (genius level). I attribute this to Anna's never-ending work ethic, the tireless efforts of her therapists, and the fact that she remained healthy, thanks to your sink.

You did a wonderful thing in helping us purchase that sink and it truly made a difference in my Princess’ short life. Bless you and your kindness. I hope you feel good about yourselves and your decisions that you made because I am honored to have met you.

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I’m very pleased with your service, of course! Ozark River Manufacturing Company is amazing! I had been looking for handwashing stations for our healthcare workers to use during Covid-19 drive-through testing and I was having a hard time finding anything available. I was fortunate to find your website, and your team member went out of their way to do everything she could to get the handwashing stations to us as soon as possible! She was even able to pull a few magic tricks out of her hat! We are very happy with the stations – the nurses even commented on how fast the water got warm! Thank you, thank you so much! ...

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We made our presentation on Friday to our local city officials as requested by the MO Dept. of Health.

I received a call this morning from the director of community development and the sinks were approved by University City for our use.

Just a note, University City is known for being one of the toughest places to get approvals because of their strict, city codes on the old housing and building stock.

I notified MO Dept. of Health and now we have to submit the required paperwork with our approval.

I don't want to jump the gun or be too confident, but it looks like we won the battle. We are so elated. We have been working on this for so long, we're all breathing a little easier today.

Again thank you for being so helpful. We will be in touch.

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This is to express my sincere thank you for your company’s effort in providing sinks for our COVID-19 testing operations at the undersigned government hospital. I admire your company’s personnel giving efforts to help this hospital in these times.

I am extremely impressed with your staff and their most willing and effective assistance to this hospital. Your staff appears to include some of the kindest personnel I have ever encountered. I note that your staff made some sacrifices to deliver the sinks to the undersigned hospital on such short notice. Your company’s efforts to deliver said sinks to our hospital is most appreciated.

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I've had the wonderful pleasure of working with several Ozark employees over the last couple of months and I feel compelled to share my experience with you!

I've interviewed many prospective employees over the years and find myself wondering, "How do they do it at Ozark River?"I can honestly say I have never had the privilege of working with a company where every single person I talked to was kind, pleasant, patient, understanding, compassionate, efficient, and most of all conscientious! Your entire staff exudes all of these attributes.

Here's a short story…a couple of years ago, a customer was having a problem with the tubing in her sink. It's funny, I don't remember anything about the story except that the fella at Ozark was so accommodating and pleasant. My point is, efficiency and kindness aren’t new things at your company!

Martin, from one business owner to another...I commend you on the outstanding staff you are so blessed with and recognize how passionate you and your staff are about your Core Values. Your staff clearly embodies each and every one of them and I will make it my mission to adopt many of your values.

I look forward to working with your company in the future! Thanks for listening!

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