Ozark River Manufacturing Co.

Image of hands holding up supportive notes and text saying "The BBB Thinks We're Topnotch too!"

At Ozark River Manufacturing, we voluntarily set high standards for both our portable, hand washing sinks and ourselves. Complying with state and local hand washing codes wasn’t bold enough. We raised the bar and made all our portable sinks NSF-certified, so anyone who comes to us is up to date with current, strict sanitation standards. Those three letters can spell the difference between an H2 No situation and code-compliant celebrations. Another three letters deserve some recognition too-the BBB.  There are two sides to a great company and ours is more than just its NSF-certified products. We’re at the top of our game because we not only manufacture the best, portable hand washing sinks on the planet, we keep our customers happy just being who we are.

It’s simple. There’s no dirt to find on us because the BBB set high standards and we’re exceeding them. We don’t want to say we’re a teacher’s pet, but an A+ isn’t exactly shabby.  

The BBB’s standards that Ozark River Manufacturing loves to follow every day:

Trust & Responsiveness: Certifications and accreditations don’t exist without happy, healthy, and safe customers. So, you can trust that just because we deliver your portable hand washing sink doesn’t mean we’re going anywhere.

Integrity & Honest Advertising: Our expectations for ourselves keep us in line. What you see is what you get, and what you get are the best NSF-certified, portable, hand washing sinks. We don’t need sales gimmicks to convince our customers. Our sinks and smiles do that by themselves.

Truthfulness & Transparency: Our portable sinks really do have on-demand hot water, quick-connect tanks, and are NSF-certified. There’s no need to exaggerate when you’re this good at what you do.

Honor Promises & Safeguard Privacy: We don’t want your code-compliant dreams going down the drain and our strict expectations for ourselves are for your protection. We welcome it because a challenge a day keeps the health inspector away. 

Thank You