Ozark River Manufacturing Co.

No one escapes sanitation compliance and standards change regularly, oftentimes going unnoticed. So, it makes sense to always keep your local and state hand washing code compliance up to date. Wouldn’t it be great if one certification ensured complete compliance? That’s where Ozark River Manufacturing comes in. We’ve teamed up with NSF to maintain our own high expectations and we can boldly say the majority of our portable, hand washing sink line is NSF-certified. Go ahead and pick one, chances are you’ll be NSF ready.

NSF certification means your portable sink meets the most rigorous health and safety standards. No more nightmares of surprise penalties from the health inspector or watching your money go down the drain waiting for a compliant product. We sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to.

That little blue seal and three letters set us apart from every other portable, hand washing sink on the planet. Yes, our sinks have on-demand hot water, a 2-year product warranty, are easy to use and out-of-the-box ready, and include quick-connect tanks and after-sale support. That wasn’t enough, so we kept going, accelerating what our customers should expect from a portable sink. We willingly take unannounced, on-site NSF visits for your peace of mind and our bragging rights. Every portable sink is tested multiple times and analyzed, from manufacturing to delivery. We love tests and always pass them with flying colors. Now you can too.

NSF certification sets the strictest sanitation codes to ensure public health and safety protection for all industries. Everyone here at Ozark River Manufacturing consistently rises to their challenge, making us damn good partners.

Thank You