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Leaders in Hand Wash Compliance
When To Use Portable Sinks
Meet the Health and Hygiene Demands of Employees, Customers, and Hand Washing Code Compliance Authorities

Today, you are no longer tethered to costly plumbing and fixed sinks.  You have the convenience and opportunity to have instant, hot water hand wash sinks just about anywhere you can imagine.

Now, your staff, your students, your customers, even your friends and family can enjoy the luxury of washing their hands with fresh hot water whether inside, outside; anywhere!  And beyond the clear health benefits, Ozark River Portable Sinks® provides a streamline solution to become fully compliant with both state and local hand wash codes.

At Ozark River Portable Sinks®, we started with a state-of-the-art system for delivering instant hot water in just about any environment.  We made it simple to use by adults and children alike. Then we built an attractive cabinet to enhance our technology. The result — Everyone can gain the benefit of clean, germ-free hands thanks to our line of quality, portable hot water hand sinks.