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What NSF Certification Means to You
Are You Looking for the NSF Certification on Your Portable Hand Sink?  Your Health Inspector Is.

Imagine thoroughly washing your hands, yet they didn’t get clean.
Imagine purchasing a portable hand sink, yet it didn’t comply with state and local hand washing codes.

While you may be considering buying a portable hand sink for health and safety reasons to comply with state and local hand wash codes, however, if your purchase is missing three little letters — NSF — you may be sacrificing your health and sacrificing compliance.  NSF certification is your key to ensure your portable hand wash sink meets today’s strict sanitation standards for public health protection.  NSF is the most recognized sanitation standard.

At Ozark River Portable Sinks®, we willingly comply to the rigorous standards of NSF certification to ensure the product you just purchased complies with your state and local hand washing codes. More than a seal on our portable hot water hand sinks, the NSF certification is earned.  From extensive product testing and material analyses to unannounced factory audits, every phase of a product’s development is thoroughly tested to earn the NSF Certification.

Our portable hand sinks are expertly crafted with great attention to detail.  But perhaps no detail is as important to your safety, hygiene and code compliance than that small three-letter seal found on each Ozark River Portable Sinks®.

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