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Competitive Compensation and a Path to a Successful Career

Ozark River Portable Sinks® is a high-energy, high-results, progressive company. We are a successful manufacturer located in the heart of Middle Tennessee, an area that is fast becoming known as the epicenter of US manufacturing.

We have successfully created a high quality solution for portable hot water hand washing with our Ozark River Portable Sinks® and we have set out to employ immensely talented, creative, and driven people to assemble and build our award-winning products as well as dymanic office positions.

We wanted to prove that we could work in an environmentally friendly facility, build environmentally efficient portable hot water hand sinks, and not sacrifice on quality. We have acheived that goal and need a technical and office team that beams with energy and pride. Everything from our product line to our business philosophies to our employees’ careers has an eye towards growth.

We are located approximately 25 miles south of Nashville. If you reside near Murfreesboro, Tennessee or are willing to re-locate to this economically booming area, please consider one of our career opportunities.

Call 1-866-663-1982 and begin a career that points you towards greatness and makes us a stronger company.

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