Portable Hot Water Hand Washing
Portable Hot Water Hand Washing Call for Product Assistance (866) 663-1982
Portable Hot Water Hand Washing Call for Product Assistance (866) 663-1982

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Why Choose Ozark River Portable Sinks?
What You Get From Ozark River Portable Sinks® Is Far More Than Just Hot Water
Innovative engineering. Durable construction. Award-winning design. Healthy alternative. Head-turning beauty. Stress-free compliance.

That’s what goes into every portable hot water hand sink we manufacture, sell, and ship.  But to reach these remarkable results, we start with the most talented team working together and are dedicated to building today’s most user-friendly and dependable portable hand washing stations available.

Our name says it all — Ozark River Portable Sinks®.  This is all we do.  We simply manufacture high quality, hot water portable hand sinks. And because our attention has been singularly focused for more than a decade now, the benefits to our customers speak for themselves.

- No Plumbing Required

Can you really put a sink just about anywhere?  You can if it’s an Ozark River Portable Sink®!  All of our models are self-contained and dispense instant hot water without the expense, time, and hassle of adding plumbing.

- Instant Hot Water System Technology

When you want hot water, it’s hot.  When you don’t, it’s cold.  Our portable hot water hand sinks don’t preheat the water– you save energy, money and time.

- Economical Stream of Water

Enjoy the perfect amount of water for hand washing — No more, no less.  Ozark River Portable Sinks® feature a faucet that dispenses a sensible, half gallon of water per minute.  Safeguard your hands as well as our environment.

- No Cross Contamination

All Ozark River Portable Sinks® models feature separate fresh and waste water reservoirs.  Only fresh, clean water touches your hands.

- 100% Recyclable Packaging

Only pure 100% recyclable material goes into our packaging. You can be assures you are not filling up your landfills with plastic and foam.

- NSF Certification

If you’re considering a portable hot water hand sink for compliance with state and local hand wash codes, NSF is critically important to your goal.  NSF certification is the most recognized sanitation standard in many industries.  While Ozark River Portable Sinks® are NSF certified — ensuring your compliance — competitor brands may not be certified.  Look for the NSF seal on all certified sanitary products!

Call 1-866-663-1982 to get your portable sink from Ozark River®.